King Air Charter

AUD $2,500.00
  • Location: Marks Point, NSW
  • Product code: B200CHTR

Enjoy the luxury, flexibility, safety and economy of a charter flight aboard our B200 King Air. Complete with a quality corporate interior layout, the King Air is perfect for business travellers or those seeking to unleash the shackles of airline schedules. With seven passenger seats, the economy of the King Air is unrivalled; imagine your own private transport between capital cities, starting at as little as $470 per person, each way! It's a small price to pay for the extra flexibility offered by a private charter.

The King Air can also get you to hundreds of destinations in Australia which are otherwise not serviced by air. Let our experienced crew take care of all your requirements with a custom charter service.

To help you estimate your trip duration, a return trip from Lake Macquarie to Melbourne is just under 4 hours. A return trip to Brisbane, 3 hours. Our team are always available to help you with a custom quote, simply call 1300 790 936 or email